The Bolinas Gyre *Just Living Jenny #6


It all started after I ate carnitas tacos at a strip mall.

I notice a FB post by my daughter. A photo of my ex-husband buying kind of inflatable plastic water toy from Costco.

I enlarge the photo and see an enormous “Tiki Breeze Raft,” and inflatable island.

“Wow, that’s a ton of landfill plastic in one purchase.”

Seats seven adults with seven cup-holders.

Truth is, I tell myself, I need to practice a little acceptance right now. I’m the one who created this life, where I mind-numbingly have to assimilate the plastic purchasing habits of my ex-husband, who I divorced in 2001, when I left for a woman.

Surviving Autocracy *Just Living Jenny #5







Let’s face it. We coastal elites are a little depressed. Even my 90-year old father didn’t this coming.

“In some ways, I’m lucky I won’t be around to see the impacts of this Presidency.”

One can read to the point of fear and nausea.

Make calls to the house and senate.

Or protest.

Finally, my attempt to try and regain serenity and restore balance, is to hit the yoga mat . . .