Surviving Autocracy *Just Living Jenny #5







Let’s face it. We coastal elites are a little depressed. Even my 90-year old father didn’t this coming.

“In some ways, I’m lucky I won’t be around to see the impacts of this Presidency.”

One can read to the point of fear and nausea.

Make calls to the house and senate.

Or protest.

Finally, my attempt to try and regain serenity and restore balance, is to hit the yoga mat . . .

Published by jennyjedeikin

Jenny Jedeikin is a professional writer and has provided editorial direction and content to a diverse range of companies. Her writing, including environmental web content, feature articles, quizzes, infographics, op-eds, blogs and personal essays, has appeared in national publications such as Rolling Stone Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, In Style, The Advocate, Curve, Whole Life Times, Playgirl and dot429, as well as in marketing collateral for clients Wal-Mart, LinkedIn, University of Phoenix, McGuire Real Estate,, and environmental non-profit Cool the Earth. She is currently working on a narrative non fiction book about her life entitled: “A Genuine Product of the Human Potential Movement.”

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