Quizzes and Infographics

Interested in presenting information in a more creative way than a straight up narrative? Let me write a quiz, infographic, survey, op-ed or comic strip about any topic — just give me a week or two.

How attractive are you?  An original quiz
Phoenix Focus Magazine

Infographic: Get to Know our National Parks
Academic Marketing Infographic – (This infographic Won a Hermes Creative Award in 2014, and a Platinum Marcom Award for content in 2013)

What’s Your Recruiter Personality Type?
LinkedIn Talent Blog

Are You Human Enough to Sell?
A Quiz for Salesforce’s Blog

How Productive Are You?
Phoenix Focus Magazine Quiz

Music Poll: What Students Listen to while Studying
Infographic — Phoenix Forward

The Rolling Stone Comedy Survey featuring interviews with Chris Rock, Joan Rivers and John Waters
Rolling Stone Magazine

What Kind of Animal Leader are You?
See my Quiz on Page 10 of Phoenix Focus Magazine